Guidelines and Rules

The point of this publication is to let images inspire words. With that in mind, your imagination is the limit.

You can submit using the “Comments” (or “Leave a comment,” as the case may be) link below the picture. Clicking that link will open a page with an “ENTER YOUR RESPONSE” box in which your submission can be entered.

Please abide by these guidelines:

  • Proof your work BEFORE you submit. Your work will NOT be edited. Moderation of the site will exclude works that are not acceptable according to the rest of the guidelines, but if you submit poorly edited works, then they will probably appear in poorly edited fashion.
  • Double-space between paragraphs.
  • If you want to use italics, type the HTML tags for italics around the words you wish italicized. the HTML tags are <i> and </i>.
  • If you want to use bold, type the HTML tags for italics around the words you wish italicized. the HTML tags are <b> and </b>.
  • Even though editing is not the primary focus here, Picture Stories does reserve the right to reject work if it is… really bad.
  • Offensive material will not be published. Bill says, “My mom might read this, so I am going to err in the direction of conservative moral content.” Profanity is not desired. Explicit sexual content is not accepted. Etc. Essentially, keep it PG-13 and don’t be rude or insensitive to anyone in the world.
  • That said, provocative thoughts provoke. If you are making an important life-giving point, the use of negative imagery and example might be needed. Be smart, intelligent, and write so that you create the potential to change the world of those who read your work.
  • Submissions need to be in a fiction format. That is, a story. Not a description of the picture. A story will have (at least a hint of):
    • — Plot
    • — Character
    • — Other stuff (google it)
  • Length is up to you (and WordPress’s comment limit). Write as much as you like, or be as short as you like. You may want to write just enough to imply a story about to happen, or you may want to flesh out an entire story. Let the image be your muse, and go with it.
  • Picture Stories reserves the right to reject any submission without cause. Furthermore, Picture Stories reserves the right to delete submission that have been published without cause and without notice.
  • Picture Stories reserves the right to change these guidelines and rules without notice, but the changes will NEVER be retroactive.
  • Participating in this publication voids your right to bring legal claim against Bill Snodgrass for any matter related to this publication. No suing! This is just a fun, artsy, writerly, volunteer thing.
  • IMPORTANT: Your submission will not AUTOMATICALLY appear. You should get a message that it is being reviewed. Picture Stories will process them as time permits, usually within a day.
  • You will not get paid for your submission.


  • Copyright is yours, but most publishers will consider your work appearing here as a publication.
  • You MAY cite inclusion of your work as a publication credit.
  • You MAY begin your story here, then post a link to your own blog or website where you finish the story.
  • You DON’T have to write an entire story. Feel free to just end with an…
  • Feel free to reply to someones incomplete story with MORE. If someone stops in the middle of a story, go ahead and jump in with a reply.
  • Any genre is welcome. Just make sure it is sensible in relationship to the photo!
  • Write YOUR response BEFORE you open the comments to see what others have written!
  • Subscribe to this blog so you know when it gets updated!

Picture Stories is a labor of love. Enjoy.

Editor in Chief: Bill Snodgrass


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